Katerina Spyropoulou is a visual artist whose main means of expression is art photography. She was born in Athens/Greece, where she lives and works. She has studied Civil Engineering with a master’s in environmental design and she is professionally active in the field of public works. At the same time, she feels and acts as an artist, trying to express her emotions through the different aspects of art. Since her childhood, she has been involved in photography, painting and music.

 In 2013 she started to attend photography and art seminars. The following years (2014-2018) as a member of the ‘camera-work’ group she worked as a street photographer. The result was a portfolio of B&W photos included in the ‘camera-work’ site. In the years (2018-2019), seeking different perspectives, she attended lessons at the Hellenic Centre for Photography (HCP), experimenting with color and light and she took part in many portrait photography workshops. With the completion of the three cycles of the program, her first Photobook entitled "The State of things" was published.

In the summer of 2019, she started working on a ‘self-portrait’ project, discovering a new world of inspiration and internal expression. The years (2021-2022) she completed the annual certificate program at HCP, focusing on staged photography. The result was her second Photobook entitled: "The Red Line or Identity".

Since summer 2022, concentrating in the exploration and research of photographic art, she is attending the program "Photography: Images and Techniques" at the University of San Diego (California), having already completed the first year of studies (out of three) for obtaining the "Professional Certificate in Photography/Arts and Humanities", working among others in the field of anthropocentric architectural photography.

She has exhibited her work in one solo exhibition (October 2023/Thessaloniki/Greece) and 22 group exhibitions, 10 in Athens, 6 in Thessaloniki, 2 in Italy (Venice and Rome) and 2 online.

She has published 2 Photobooks, she participates with her works in a group website (Katerina Spyropoulou - Camera Work (camera-work.org), in an art platform (ARTISTS - ARTgrID) and she maintains her personal website (www.katerinaspyropoulou.com).

With her camera, she is looking for new ways of expression, playing with the colors and chasing the light, in the sky, through the clouds, the trees and the people. The light that paints shadows, giving energy to the gaze, the soul and the mind, and transforming the objects into sculptures.

She is influenced of 20th century art movements, especially surrealism and constructivism and she is fascinated by the relation and interaction between the various forms of art. She feels that the environment is a theatrical scene, where she plays different roles, acting simultaneously as a director, an actor and a spectator.